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Calling all Austin, TX area Thrivent Members! Do you have an Action Team ready to make a difference?! Use your Community Impact Card today to get all the supplies needed for this incredible project. 


This Project-In-A-Box includes:

  • 10 US Coast Guard-approved life jackets in various sizes (infant, child, youth, or adult)
  • Permanent markers
  • Colin's Hope staff to assist during project


How to complete your project:

  • Order this Project-In-A-Box using your Community Impact Card.
  • Colin's Hope will contact you to set a project date and location and will bring the supplies to the event.
  • Label life jackets with "Life Jacket Loaner" on the back of each jacket.
  • Each life jacket will then be placed at an area loaner station for visitors to borrow and return.


This project has been conveniently packaged and priced to be covered entirely by your $250 Community Impact Card. Please select PICK UP when purchasing this project package.

Thrivent Action Team: Life Jacket Labeling (Austin, TX area only)

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