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Did you know that drowning is the NUMBER 1 CAUSE for unintentional injury-related death for children under 5, and remains a leading cause up to age 14? Increasing water safety knowledge at home is a great way to encourage safer behavior around water for everyone, for an entire lifetime. With this kit, you can incorporate easy-to-use activities at home to teach life-saving skills! Looking to increase safety at your next water-related party? Learn about our Water-Fun Party Preparation Kit here!


With the Colin’s Hope Home Water Safety Kit, you can:

  • Teach “The Whole Hand Rules” of water safety to your children and other family members.
  • Create and post a Family Water Safety Plan to keep your family safer at home and on water-related trips.
  • Appoint Adult Water Guardians, assign them their own Water Guardian badge anytime you’re near water and keep reminders on hand to put layers of protection in place.


If you or a family member have a backyard pool, if you visit water frequently, or if you want to increase general water safety knowledge, add this Home Water Safety Kit to your family resources today!


The Home Water Safety Kit includes:

  • Home Water Safety Plan Sign (digital download)
  • Mini The Whole Hand Rules & Board (digital download)
  • Mini The Whole Hand Rules Icons & Labels (digital download)
  • 3 Water Safety Information Cards with detachable Water Guardian Badges
  • Access to us at Colin's Hope should you need assistance in using the activities


We also challenge you and your family to take the Colin’s Hope Water Safety Quiz here and share it with family and friends.


Already purchased a kit? Find your electronic materials here with the help of your confirmation email.

Home Water Safety Kit

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