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Water-related activities are popular choices at parties for kids and adults alike! Whether it’s a backyard pool party, a stellar lake adventure, or just a small gathering at a waterfront park, it’s always a good idea to introduce some basic water safety to your guests before they begin their fun. Looking for a long-term and/or at-home solution? Learn more about our Home Water Safety Kit here!


With the Colin’s Hope Water-Fun Party Preparation Kit, you can:

  • Create and post a water safety plan to keep your guests safer during your event.
  • Appoint Adult Water Guardians for your party and assign them their own Water Guardian badge to ensure that there is always an undistracted adult watching the area in and around the water.
  • Play a water safety game with party guests to build their knowledge and skills.
  • Create an action plan should an emergency occur.
  • Post essential emergency information at your party venue in case a 911 call needs to be made.
  • Share water safety goodies as party favors for your guests.


If you are planning to have a water-related activity at your upcoming event, don’t hesitate to add this kit to your planning budget! Your kit willl include:


  • Party Water Safety Plan Sign (digital download)
  • Emergency Address Sign (digital download)
  • Water Safety Bingo Calling Cards & Instructions (digital download)
  • Water Safety Bingo Playing Cards (digital download)
  • 15 Water Safety Information Cards w/detachable Water Guardian Badges
  • 10 Water Safety Goodies
  • 5 Water Guardian Stickers


We also challenge you to take the Colin’s Hope Water Safety Quiz here and share it with your guests in their party invitation. 


Already purchased a kit? Find your electronic materials here with the help of your confirmation email.

Water-Fun Party Preparation Kit

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