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Hi! I'm Colin & this my friend Buddy! Thank you for visiting our online store.

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Water Safety with Colin & Friends is a comprehensive drowning prevention and water safety education tool. This out-of-water curriculum focuses on 5 key water safety rules that help children make safer choices around all types of water. The program is evidence-based and has been proven with statistical significance to increase children’s water safety knowledge! The curriculum has flexible components which can be administered over two weeks, one week, or even one day in order to meet your group’s needs. Lessons can be taught in a traditional classroom setting, outdoors or poolside. 

Water Safety with Colin & Friends is a fun, creative and engaging way to teach water safety!  Buy a kit today for your classroom, swim school, church, day care or preschool today! 

Note: If you need materials for an event, please email: to ensure the shipment arrives in time. Thank you.


Thank you for shopping with Colin's Hope!

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